The Secret Chambers marks a new milestone in the evolution of Escape Room Challenge entertainment.  Unlike a mundane “franchise” escape room, The Secret Chambers is driven to deliver an immersive, theatrical presentation that surpasses ALL expectations!

For us, having a solid collection of unique puzzles to play through is just the beginning:  It is the blank canvas upon which we create a fun, exciting, and astonishingly revealing adventure for our players to explore.  One hour in The Secret Chambers can tell you things about your friends, family, and co-workers that a lifetime by their side in “the real world” could not!

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The Secret Chambers – About Us

The Secret Chambers is located at the intersection of I-30 and Green Oaks Road in Fort Worth, TX
Welcome to “The Secret Chambers” – Fort Worth’s ONLY Five Star Escape Room Challenge experience!

The Secret Chambers is an Escape Room Challenge located in Fort Worth, TX. Groups of players enter our Escape Rooms together then work cooperatively to find clues, crack codes and solve puzzles in a race to escape before time runs out!

As a night out, The Secret Chambers is a unique experience that goes above and beyond the traditional “dinner and a movie” scenario… also great for birthday parties, graduations, and live action role playing groups!

As a team building exercise, it will test your group’s communication and time management skills… plus it’s a refreshing Monday outside of the office!

The Secret Chambers offers a well-balanced challenge that’s suitable for newcomers and returning players alike!  If you get stuck, or just need someone to help you retrace your footsteps, you can always ask us for a hint and we’ll happily oblige.

The Secret Chambers - Come inside and have a seat!
Upon entering The Secret Chambers, players are greeted by a helpful Lobby Host and comfortable seating!

All of our puzzles are designed to be fun to figure out, never frustrating or unfair.

The Secret Chambers is home to an ever-growing number of Escape Room Challenges, each featuring a unique theme and collection of puzzles to test your mind!

THOUSANDS of players have experienced an Escape Room Challenge with us since we opened our doors in late 2015:  Way back when we only had “The Pirate Chamber” available!

Our key to success is (and always will be) creating an enjoyable, memorable experience that sends the players home happy!

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The Secret Chambers – A Five Star Experience!

The Cthulhu Chamber is one of our most popular attractions!
Smiles all around after conquering “The Cthulhu Chamber – An Ancient Secret in an Antique Study”

Our five-star Escape Rooms are designed from the ground up to be an original and enjoyable experience for all!  The Secret Chambers employs professional writers, artists, filmmakers and special effects designers to assist with the research and development of every escape room.

Combine this intense behind-the-scenes preparation with the execution of our professional in-house staff, and you get one of the most exhilarating 60 minutes of your life!

The Escape Room Challenges of The Secret Chambers evoke excitement and nostalgia for players.  We get inspiration from feature films, classic literature, traditional pen-and-paper role playing games and video games.

The Pirate Chamber is a fan favorite!
Looking for a killer group photo? The Secret Chambers has you covered! High quality photo prints are available for sale in the lobby!

From the moment the door swings open and you look inside, you are instantly immersed in the game world we’ve created for you to explore!

Featuring custom woodwork, artwork, props and puzzles – Many players are willing to sacrifice precious game time in the name of getting that perfect selfie!

Of course, all of that hard work doesn’t mean anything if our players don’t love us… and they do!

Since opening in October 2015, The Secret Chambers was selected as TripAdvisor’s “#1 Fun Thing to Do” in the Games Category and one of the “Top 10 Things to Do in Fort Worth” by February 2016.

The relentless praise showered upon us by our players on Facebook and Yelp has also cemented our reputation and placed us ahead of our competitors!

ALL minors REQUIRE at least one responsible adult in their party!
The Secret Chambers is recommended for players Age 13+ (ALL minors REQUIRE at least one responsible adult in their party!)

The Secret Chambers is ranked higher than:

  • Texas Motor Speedway
  • The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
  • The Fort Worth Japanese Gardens
  • The Fort Worth Stockyards
  • EVERY movie theater in city limits!

Don’t take our word for it – Read the reviews our players have left us on Facebook!  See our Rating on TripAdvisor!  If that’s not enough, find us on Yelp!

The Secret Chambers is Dallas / Fort Worth’s ONLY Five Star Escape Room Challenge… and we’re just getting started!

Ready to experience The Secret Chambers?  Book an Escape Room Challenge now!

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The Secret Chambers – A 100% Locally Owned Business

Be sure to arrive 15 minutes early for sign-in and pre-game puzzle boxes!
This is the first thing players will see when they arrive at The Secret Chambers! Be sure to arrive 15 minutes early!

While we can’t say we are the only Escape Room Challenge in the world, we can proudly say that we’ve got NOTHING to do with the others!

The Secret Chambers is committed to bringing players a wholly original and immersive escape room challenge experience!

Free from the creative constraints of corporate penny-pinching and franchise standards, The Secret Chambers is free to explore new technologies to push the boundaries of the Escape Room Challenge industry!

Our company consists of award-winning and award-nominated men and women with backgrounds in theater arts, filmmaking, writing, and game design… all residents of the historic Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.

The Secret Chambers - Official Merchandise is Available in the Lobby!
While visiting The Secret Chambers, players can pick up official merchandise from the lobby! Every dollar helps us build new and exciting escape room experiences for everyone!

Our company culture is one that celebrates creative thinking and rewards those who work to turn those thoughts into something that our players will love!

In addition to offering a five-star Escape Room Challenge experience, The Secret Chambers is proud to offer an official line of commemorative merchandise, such as:

  • Official Branded / Logo T-shirts
  • High Quality Group Photo w/ Picture Frame
  • Gift Vouchers (Physical or Digital via Bookeo)
  • Puzzle Boxes

…and more as it becomes available!

We are a truly 100% independently-owned business, so every sale helps The Secret Chambers raise the funds we need to design and build new Escape Room Challenges for everyone to enjoy.

Of course, what REALLY helps us gain momentum are the wonderful players who book an escape room challenge everyday at The Secret Chambers!

What are YOU waiting for?  Book an Escape Room Challenge today!