The Cthulhu Chamber – An Ancient Secret in an Antique Study

The Cthulhu Chamber - An Ancient Secret in an Antique Study
Step into a Victorian-era mansion overlooking the coast in this Escape Room Challenge set in the year 1949!

The Cthulhu Chamber (pronounced “Ka-Thoo-Loo”) is set in the year 1949.  Pantomime Quiz Time wins “Most Popular Television Program” at the First Annual Emmy Awards, Jacque Mercer of Litchfield, AZ takes the sash at the Miss America Pageant, and Laurence Olivier’s telling of the William Shakespeare classic Hamlet earns an Oscar for “Best Picture” at the 21st Academy Awards.

Local radio news affiliate KTLU is reporting on a series of macabre events along the eastern seaboard.  To the horror of onlookers, people have arrived in droves to cast their lives away into the watery depths of the ocean as tribute to something they call “Cthulhu”…

Most people believe Cthulhu is little more than a child’s pulp fiction fantasy.  Others, who were once fully-functioning members of society, are convinced that Cthulhu is a 200-foot tall ancient monster living at the bottom of the ocean.

the cthulhu chamber clock
Every inch of The Cthulhu Chamber is packed with antique and custom puzzles to test your mind!

One eccentric billionaire from Providence, Rhode Island thinks there’s an even greater truth surrounding the mystery of Cthulhu… and he has invested a sizable portion of his time and resources to claim it for himself.  His greed rearranged the stars in the sky and has attracted the angry gaze of Cthulhu right to his very estate!

Players have 60 minutes to explore the eccentric billionaire’s antique study and uncover a method of driving Cthulhu back into the black nightmares of history before time runs out!  Fail, and your team will have bigger problems on their hands than charges for trespassing…

The Cthulhu Chamber is a supernatural-themed mystery Escape Room Challenge based on “The Call of Cthulhu” by H.P. Lovecraft – First written in the summer of 1926 and published in the February 1928 edition of “Weird Tales”.  (Read it HERE!)

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How to Play – The Cthulhu Chamber

the cthulhu chamber window
The Cthulhu Chamber features a custom-built window overlooking the coastline.  Don’t allow your team to get distracted… no matter WHAT you see out there!

The Cthulhu Chamber is the second escape room challenge from The Secret Chambers!  This collection of puzzles is directly influenced from the works of H.P. Lovecraft, but DO NOT require players to be familiar with Cthulhu to enjoy:  An all-new narrative created for this experience is designed to include players in a living, breathing chapter of a story that they write with their every action and word!

After entering “The Cthulhu Chamber”, players are given 60 minutes to explore their surroundings for clues.  All of the clues in this Escape Room Challenge are located between the average person’s eye-level and knee-level (there is no need to drop to the floor, stand on top of chairs, or flip tables to advance).

FOR PLAYER SAFETY – Please do not move / disassemble any objects that are plugged in (electrified), mounted to the wall, or contains any fragile elements (such as glass).

Finally, if you get stuck and need a push in the right direction or help retracing your footsteps, a fancy little bell is located just above the fireplace… ring it, and someone will appear at the door to assist you!  Our escape rooms are designed to be fun, not unfair!

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Reservation Info – The Cthulhu Chamber

the cthulhu chamber high angle
The design of The Cthulhu Chamber is inspired from a mix of canonical illustrations and real-life photographs.

Are you ready to stand against a 200-foot tall terror from the depths of the ocean?  Solve the mystery of the magical mansion using teamwork and good communication skills!

  • Setting: An Eccentric Billionaire’s Estate – 1949
  • Number of Players: 4-10 people
  • Game Length: 60 minutes
  • Gameplay Objective: Activate the Necronomicon and escape Cthulhu’s wrath within the time limit.
  • General Admission: $25 per player

The Secret Chambers uses the Bookeo Reservation System for scheduling all of our Escape Room Challenges.

ticket - the chtulhu chamber
Ready to take on “The Cthulhu Chamber”? Click the tickets to visit our Booking Page!

To set up a reservation for “The Cthulhu Chamber – An Ancient Secret in an Antique Study”, you will need to visit our Booking Page.

All Escape Room Challenges MUST be paid for at the time your reservation is made.  Commemorative Group Photos, T-Shirts, and other official merchandise from “The Secret Chambers” is available for sale in our lobby.  We accept Credit / Debit Cards on-site for merchandise sales.

Due to the popularity of this Escape Room Challenge, The Secret Chambers recommends you plan your visit 24 hours in advance, and up to 2 weeks in advance for weekends and holidays.

Thank you – We hope to see you at The Secret Chambers soon!

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