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The Cthulhu Chamber – An Ancient Secret in an Antique Study

“The Cthulhu Chamber” (pronounced “Ka-Thoo-Loo”) takes you back in time to Providence, Rhode Island… 1949.

Local radio news affiliate KTLU has selected YOU as their first-ever grand contest winners!  Your party has been invited to the elegant cliff-side mansion of the reclusive Mr. Hayes to claim your prize…

The Cthulhu Chamber - An Ancient Secret in an Antique Study
Step into a Victorian-era mansion overlooking the coast in this Escape Room Challenge set in the year 1949!

As you arrive at the estate of the eccentric billionaire, a macabre story airs on the radio:

“All along the eastern seaboard, expressionless people have begun to sacrifice themselves into the ocean in the name of someone… or something… named Cthulhu!”

Before you can hear the rest of the news bulletin, the driver cuts the engine.

Your party exits the vehicle and heads toward the opulent front door… an unseen sense of dread urges you to turn around, but your curiosity pushes you forward!

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The Cthulhu Chamber – Behind the Scenes

the cthulhu chamber clock
Every inch of The Cthulhu Chamber is packed with antique and custom puzzles to test your mind!

“The Cthulhu Chamber” is a supernatural-themed mystery Escape Room Challenge based on “The Call of Cthulhu” by H.P. Lovecraft – First written in the summer of 1926 and published in the February 1928 edition of “Weird Tales”.  (Read it HERE!)

“The Cthulhu Chamber” features actual antique decorations and props brought back to life by The Secret Chambers Special Effects Department!

The highly detailed atmosphere includes such fine touches as “living” window overlooking the ocean and a feature-length radio broadcast that sets the mood for supernatural adventure!

“The Cthulhu Chamber” took over a dozen artists hundreds of hours to create!

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The Cthulhu Chamber – How to Play

Before entering the “The Cthulhu Chamber”, please familiarize your team with the rules of play:

  1. Players will have 60 minutes to explore the room, find clues, solve all of the puzzles, and escape!
  2. DO NOT use “brute force” to cheat your way through the room!
  3. Everything you need to reach is located 6 feet off the ground (or below).
  4. This room features a rolling bookshelf ladder – Only ONE player is allowed on the ladder at a time!
  5. If an item is plugged into an electrical outlet or has wiring attached to it, that item is NOT to be moved!
  6. None of the puzzles / clues requires you to plug anything into an electrical outlet!
  7. If an object begins to move automatically, it is designed to do so without your assistance!
  8. Roughhousing of ANY KIND will NOT be tolerated!  You will receive one warning – Repeated violations will result in a GAME OVER!

Finally, if you get stuck and need a push in the right direction or help retracing your footsteps, ring the summoning bell located atop the fireplace and we will give you a hint!


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The Cthulhu Chamber – Book a Reservation

the cthulhu chamber high angle
The design of The Cthulhu Chamber is inspired from a mix of canonical illustrations and real-life photographs.

To book a reservation 24/7 for “The Cthulhu Chamber – An Ancient Secret in an Antique Study”, you will need to visit our Booking Page.

All Escape Room Challenges MUST be paid for at the time your reservation is made!

Cold Drinks, Group Photos, T-Shirts, and other official merchandise from “The Secret Chambers” is available for sale in our lobby.

We accept Cash or Credit / Debit on-site for merchandise sales and additional General Admission.

Due to the popularity of The Secret Chambers, we recommend booking 24 hours in advance for a weekday, and up to 2 weeks in advance for weekends and holidays.

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