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The Pirate Chamber – Heist on the High Seas:  Chapter II

“The Pirate Chamber” takes place aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge inside the private quarters of Captain Edward Teach… best known to history as the nefarious Blackbeard the Pirate!

It is Spring, 1718 – The Golden Age of Piracy.  The Captain has agreed to lead four ships on a mission to disrupt trade off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina in the morning… a decision that doesn’t sit well with the men.  Some believe that the voyage is a suicide mission; Others object to being insignificant pawns in a rich man’s game.

Before long, the air aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge is infected with talk of mutiny…

A plan is hatched to hire outsiders from New Providence Island (a safe haven for pirates) to sneak aboard the ship and break into the Captain’s cabin – That’s where YOU enter the story!

Working together with one of the turncoat pirates, you and your mates will explore the living quarters of the Captain in search of clues that will reveal the location of his hidden treasure map.

It’s going to take more than common thievery to navigate all 360° of the puzzles and riddles that Blackbeard devised to protect his secrets – Your team must rely on their sharpened senses of communication, observation, and logic to succeed!

If you can successfully infiltrate Captain Blackbeard’s cabin, locate the treasure map, and escape within the time limit, the doomed crew of the Queen Anne’s Revenge can have their bloody mutiny and retire to a life of comfort that they’ve risked life and limb to obtain…

BUT YE BE WARNED!  Precious few hours remain before the ship and it’s crew are sent to the breakers:  If Blackbeard is delivered down to Davy Jones’ Locker, or if he returns to the ship to discover he has been betrayed, then the legendary cache of treasure will be forever lost to the seas of time!

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How to Play – The Pirate Chamber

The Pirate Chamber is the first escape room challenge from The Secret Chambers!  Inspired by numerous books, films, and video games, The Pirate Chamber is truly a “something for everyone” attraction!

Upon entering “The Pirate Chamber”, players have just 60 minutes to explore their surroundings for clues.  All of the clues in this Escape Room Challenge are located between the average person’s eye-level and knee-level (there is no need to drop to the floor, stand on top of chairs, or flip tables to advance).

FOR PLAYER SAFETY – Please do not move / disassemble any objects that are plugged in (electrified), mounted to the wall, or contains any fragile elements (such as glass).

Finally, there’s special golden pirate coins hidden throughout the room.  If you get stuck and need a push in the right direction or help recounting your progress, these special coins can be traded for a precious clue!

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Reservation Info – The Pirate Chamber

The Pirate Chamber is the original five star escape room challenge from The Secret Chambers, and it remains our most popular attraction!

Think YOUR crew’s got what it takes to match wits with Captain Blackbeard?  Solve the mystery of history’s most notorious pirate using teamwork and good communication skills!

  • Setting: The Queen Anne’s Revenge (Blackbeard’s Quarters) – 1718
  • Number of Players: 4-10 people
  • Game Length: 60 minutes
  • Gameplay Objective: Locate the GENUINE treasure map of Captain Blackbeard
  • General Admission: $25 per player

The Secret Chambers uses the Bookeo Reservation System for scheduling all of our Escape Room Challenges.

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Ready to enter the world of “The Pirate Chamber”? Click the tickets to visit our Booking Page!

To set up a reservation for “The Pirate Chamber”, you will need to visit our Booking Page.

All Escape Room Challenges MUST be paid for at the time your reservation is made.  Commemorative Group Photos, T-Shirts, and other official merchandise from “The Secret Chambers” is available for sale in our lobby.  We accept Credit / Debit Cards on-site for merchandise sales.

Due to the popularity of this Escape Room Challenge, The Secret Chambers recommends you plan your visit 24 hours in advance, and up to 2 weeks in advance for weekends and holidays.

Thank you – We hope to see you at The Secret Chambers soon!

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