Welcome to The Secret Chambers

Welcome to The Secret Chambers!
The Secret Chambers is located on the southeast corner of the Ridgmar Mall parking lot!

The Secret Chambers is the premiere Escape Room Challenge experience in Dallas / Fort Worth, TX!  We are located at 2350 Mall Circle, Fort Worth, TX 76116 (facing the intersection of Interstate 30 and Green Oaks Road).

We are open Monday through Friday from 2:30PM – 10:00PM and weekends from 9:00AM – 11:30PM.  We offer extended hours during summer, and special arrangements can be made for private events “after hours”.

The Secret Chambers is open for Thanksgiving Day; closed on Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.

Each escape room challenge featured at The Secret Chambers is hand-crafted by our Puzzle Designers, Writers, Artists and Special Effects departments to be an immersive experience for up to 10 players at a time.

Everything you need to find clues, solve puzzles and escape is provided.  In order to successfully complete an Escape Room Challenge, players must utilize their powers of observation, communication, time management and teamwork in an adrenaline-filled race to beat the clock!

The Secret Chambers is perfect for birthday parties, graduations, date night, or as a fun and insightful corporate training / team-building exercise.

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What is an Escape Room Challenge?

What is an Escape Room Challenge?
We get asked this question so many times, we printed the answer just outside our front door!

An “Escape Room Challenge” is a physical adventure game where players enter a themed location and work cooperatively to secure their escape within a set time limit using ONLY the resources discovered inside the room.

The first Escape Room Challenges opened in Japan, China and Taiwan in the late 2000s.  College students and business professionals compared the experience to playing a live-action video game, or participating in a network television game show!

The Secret Chambers takes this core concept to the next level with movie-quality room designs, custom-made props, unique artwork and immersive storytelling.  The result is more than just a game – It’s a Five-Star Experience!

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How it Works

Booking an escape room challenge at The Secret Chambers is easy!  First, find a group of friends or co-workers to join you on your adventure.  Once you’ve found an escape room challenge that your party will love, book a reservation online.

Please coordinate your group to arrive 15 minutes ahead of your starting time.  Once inside an escape room, players will be given 60 minutes to explore, find clues, complete every puzzle, and escape before time runs out to achieve victory!

HIW - Grab Some Friends
HIW - Book Online
HIW - Arrive On Time
HIW - Use the Clues to Solve Puzzles
HIW - Escape the Room

Remember:  The key to victory is excellent teamwork, communication, and time management skills!  The Secret Chambers designs each escape room challenge to be a fun team-building experience for work or play.

If you require additional hints or have a question about something in the room, help is just a knock on the door away!

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Choose Your Escape Room Challenge

The Secret Chambers offers a variety of themed escape rooms to choose from!  Each room features a unique background story, collection of puzzles, and immersive set design that brings the fantasy to life!

FUN IDEA:  Want to take the experience a step further?  Have your party arrive in full costume and play “in character” together!  Who knows what adventures you will create for yourself… plus your Commemorative Group Photo will look amazing!

The Pirate Chamber - Main View

The Pirate Chamber

The Pirate Chamber” takes place aboard a legendary pirate ship led by the infamous Captain Edward Thatch… best known to history as “Blackbeard”!

  • Setting: The Queen Anne’s Revenge – 1718
  • Number of Players: 4-10 people
  • Game Length: 60 minutes
  • Gameplay Objective: Locate the hidden pirate treasure and escape within the time limit.
  • General Admission: $25 per player

the cthulhu chamber

The Cthulhu Chamber

The Cthulhu Chamber” is inspired by the works of author H.P. Lovecraft.  Players must investigate an antique study to stop the evil magic emanating from within!

  • Setting: An Eccentric Billionaire’s Estate – 1949
  • Number of Players: 4-10 people
  • Game Length: 60 minutes
  • Gameplay Objective: Activate the Necronomicon and escape Cthulhu’s wrath within the time limit.
  • General Admission: $25 per player

Be sure to check out our Coming Attractions page for a sneak preview of the latest escape room challenges from The Secret Chambers!

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Got a Couple of Hours?  Read our Reviews!

The Secret Chambers is the only escape room challenge in Dallas / Fort Worth that gets a constant stream of five star reviews online.  Our fans are the most vocal supporters we have, and every kind word they leave for us online has solidified our position as the ONLY “Five Star Escape Room Experience” in the DFW Metroplex!

Don’t take our word for it:  Browse our ever-increasing collection of reviews to see what our players are saying about us!

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Thank you for visiting the official website of The Secret Chambers – Fort Worth’s “Five Star” escape room challenge experience!  We hope you enjoy reading about us, and we hope to see you at The Secret Chambers soon!

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