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New Puzzles, New Surprises – The Secret Chambers

The Secret Chambers presents a NEW chapter in the fan-favorite story of “The Pirate Chamber”! There’s NEW PUZZLES, NEW SURPRISES, AND A NEW VICTORY OBJECTIVE!

“The Pirate Chamber:  Chapter II” is a newly re-designed “master quest” style take on our original “The Pirate Chamber” adventure featuring even more original content than ever before… A challenge to newcomers and veterans alike!

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The Pirate Chamber: Chapter II – The Secret Chambers

A group of traitorous thieves has succeeded in sneaking aboard The Queen Anne’s Revenge and stealing the evil Blackbeard the Pirate’s Treasure Map! The Captain returned to his ship just in time to see the landlubbers running away with FIVE PIECES of a torn up map… but he didn’t pursue them: Instead, he and the crew had a good laugh, knowing that all of their efforts were wasted in obtaining a DECOY!

The REAL treasure map is still inside The Captain’s Private Quarters, now locked up even tighter than before!

You and your best mates managed to best Blackbeard once… will you DARE to return to “The Pirate Chamber” and conquer the NEW set of obstacles that stand between you and TRUE GREATNESS?

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Book it Now – The Secret Chambers

Players can book an Escape Room Challenge ANYTIME using our online reservation system (powered by Bookeo)!  If you need help, you may always give us a call during normal business hours and we will set you up that way.  In the neighborhood?  Stop by our lobby – We’re open 7 days a week!

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