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5-Star Reviews – The Secret Chambers

The phrase “above and beyond” doesn’t begin to describe the thousands of 5-Star Reviews we have received since opening our doors back in October 2015.

The Secret Chambers has an extraordinary collection of 5-Star Reviews from all over the web!  All of our reviews come from 100% REAL players who have traveled from all over the world to visit The Secret Chambers and were blown away by both the incredible escape room challenges we have created and our famed customer service!

Got a few HOURS?  Go ahead – Click around on these pages and peruse THOUSANDS of reviews that all say the same thing:  “The Secret Chambers is the ONLY 5-Star Escape Room Challenge Experience in the World!”


The Secret Chambers currently holds a 5-Star Average on our Facebook Page! We’ve gotten THOUSANDS of likes and HUNDREDS of positive reviews.

We really care about our players, and our Facebook page is a great way to keep a line of communication open between us and them!


You will find a few hundred MORE 5-Star reviews our adoring players have written for The Secret Chambers at TripAdvisor!

In 2016, we were ranked as #1 in the “Games” Category in Fort Worth, TX… and we are by far and away one of the very best-reviewed Escape Room Challenges in The United States of America!


No matter where you look, you will find a torrent of high praise for The Secret Chambers Escape Room Challenge!

It is because of our amazing players that we have been so successful, and they leave great reviews for us all over the internet because of our “Next Generation” Escape Room Challenge Experience!


Like every other online reviews site, The Secret Chambers has such a strong following that Yelp’s “algorithm” can’t believe they’re all real!

Despite Yelp hiding way more player reviews than they publish, we still feature an overwhelmingly positive average!

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