The Secret Chambers – New Store Announcement + Official Reveal Trailer!

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The Secret Chambers is expanding to a new State-of-the-Art location in Fort Worth, Texas just 1 mile away from our current location at 513 Alta Mere Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76114

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New Escape Rooms – The Secret Chambers

Our new location will be 400% larger than our current location, and will feature a luxurious main lobby, ice cold air conditioning in the Summer, a conference room / birthday party room and ***7*** Next-Generation Escape Room Challenges such as:

1. The Egyptian Chamber
2. The Area 51 Chamber
3. The Jungle Chamber
4. The Train Heist Chamber
5. The Mafia Chamber
6. The Space Race Chamber
7. The Castle Chamber

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Next Generation Escape Room Challenges – The Secret Chambers

Since we first opened the doors on “The Pirate Chamber” and “The Cthulhu Chamber”, players have been ASTONISHED by the level of detail, immersive story telling, and quality custom-made puzzles we put into each of our Escape Rooms. We have THOUSANDS of 5-star reviews touting these achievements!

Not only are we going to continue this tradition, we will be taking things to the NEXT LEVEL! Best of all – Each room will only get BETTER and BETTER as we build them!

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The Fate of Store One – The Secret Chambers

The future is undecided, but chances are good that our beloved original location will stay in business until AT LEAST the Summer of 2018… until then, you have plenty of time to explore the completely revamped “The Pirate Chamber” (featuring new puzzles and new victory requirements) and our critically-acclaimed “The Cthulhu Chamber”! (See them both at and check our Promo Codes page for money-saving offers!)

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Grand Opening Date – The Secret Chambers

VERY soon. We’ve waited a LONG time to make this official announcement because we wanted to have KEYS IN HAND before getting everyone’s hopes up! Good news – Work has ALREADY begun! You can expect frequent status updates as the weeks go on.

As we near opening day, we’ll be pulling the best reviews from our Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google Maps reviews to “Play Test” the new rooms BEFORE they open to the general public – SO MAKE SURE TO LEAVE THOSE HOT REVIEWS!

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Special Thanks – The Secret Chambers

Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped The Secret Chambers become Dallas / Fort Worth’s #1 5-Star Escape Room Challenge Experience!  We could NOT have gotten this far without you… we owe it to all of our fans to continue to push the envelope of immersive, innovative, interactive entertainment!  If you loved what we’ve done with just a “two-room” escape room challenge, just wait until you see what amazing new feats we pull off with this PRIME real estate!

Got Questions?  Comments?  Use our handy dandy Contact Us page to make your voice heard!  We respond to everyone in the order your messages are received during normal business hours (or whenever our dutiful Creative Director happens to be awake late at night tending to the new baby in the house!)